Review: Insideinfo & Mefjus – Mythos/Blunt

To large drum and bass fans this release doesn’t require an introduction, but seeing as we’re more than just a collective of headz; I will keep the intro short and sweet. After so much hype around it (and deservingly so), the monstrous collaborative efforts between Insideinfo & Mefjus are upon us. On Ed Rush & Optical’s Virus Recordings label, Insideinfo & Mefjus peak the interest of producers and fans alike with two killer productions that will surely be stand outs of this year. So, let’s get to it.

What sounds like mythology to those who hear it, we assure you Insideinfo & Mefjus’ collaboration “Mythos” is real and absolutely out of this world. What was already dubbed one of the most killer mixdowns by Virus label heads Ed Rush & Optical, “Mythos” is a fresh and heavyweight production that feeds the raw hunger of the Virus headz yet also peaks the ears of those within reach. To those who do not listen to dnb regularly though, neurofunk can often be hard on the ears and a bit too hectic. “Mythos” partly holds true to that statement with its spine tingling bass, granite shattering drums, and ear tickling fills, but it remains warm and soft due to its impeccable mixdown and smooth underlying complexity. Never has something so raw and disgusting felt like “easy listening,” but “Mythos” is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

Opening with soft chimes and a cool, dark atmosphere, “Mythos” wastes no time and quickly turns into sharp synth stabs and croaking predator samples. Insideinfo & Mefjus allow you to float around the universe a bit before sucking you into their black hole of sound that omits the signature Virus Recordings vibe. Stabbing you once more with those killer synths that form the melody, “Mythos” drops and fires a hammering wall of bass through your headphones or speakers. The incredibly hard drums feel like an extension of the weighing down and croaking bassline while electric hi-hats and panning-sharp fills seduce the senses of even the most prized producer.

“Mythos” is killer in every way; it gets harder and faster as it progresses with its transformation into double kicks that are divided between stabbing fills and ever transforming predator sounds. “Mythos” is already a serious contender for tune of the year and considering we’re not even half way through it has some tough competition ahead of it, but we’re confident this song will not be leaving your ears anytime soon.

The flipside “Blunt” on the other hand is a melting pot of styles to create one flavourful piece of music. Kicking off with dashing synth stabs and running militant drums, “Blunt’s” intro is contrastingly warm and even manages to bring that old school Metalheadz sound to mind with its floaty synths and crisply compressed drums before dropping into a turbo-injected engine of a neurofunk roller. To ease the pain of being steam-rolled by its huge bassline, “Blunt” is chalk full of sensory distracting switch-ups, stabs, and sexy echo vocal samples.

Much like “Mythos,” “Blunt’s” mixdown is again highly notable and just hits in all the right places. Its livewire bass, magnified switch ups, and soft overtones melt together to create something lethal yet lush. Simply put, no mercy is given. You and those around you are left in awe after experiencing the equivalent of a sonic pummeling from a UFC fighter and after listening through “Blunt” I finally understand those crazed fighters that find satisfaction in being punched, because “Blunt” hits so hard but feels so good.

Some would say that Insideinfo & Mefjus have set the bar high for other producers with this release but in actuality the most detrimental thing they’ve done is left us in distress over which side we like more. No matter which you prefer though, “Mythos/Blunt” is an outstanding release and definitely deserves your hard earned dollars.

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