Review: Frederic Robinson – Bloom ft. Stray/Shore

In preparation of his forthcoming debut album on Blu Mar Ten Music, the rising Munich-based producer – Frederic Robinson continues to make his unique mark on the drum and bass world. Dropping another pair of singles from his forthcoming album Mixed Signals after the previous sampling with “Theme Park/Off Topic.” Frederic returns with another pair of singles that demonstrate why this producer is so promising.

Generating Hayao Miyazaki inspired mental-images from the get-go. The lead track “Bloom” featuring fellow drum and bass producer Stray is nothing short of euphoric, forward-thinking, and effective in demonstrating how Frederic stretches the boundaries that define drum and bass. “Bloom” begins its flowering journey with skittering percussion, pulsating synths, and a refreshing use of live/acoustic instrumentation.

“Bloom” then builds with sharp vocal sweeps, an ever-changing melody, and fat, yet warm kicks that brighten the underlying elements upon each hit. As “Bloom” progresses, the internal impact “Bloom” makes on the listener expands with atmospheric and hypnotizing pads that cycle in conjunction with tight, clean, and crisp percussion. Listening through “Bloom,” you can feel your atmosphere shifting as if you’re on a moving piece of ground that’s slowly gravitating through the sky (like I said…many Miyazaki inspired mental-images derive from this tune.)

“Bloom” is complex without being overbearing and is lush without relying on large atmospheric break-downs. Frederic and Stray apply layer upon layer of elements without ever making you want to change to the next track, and this is important because often a mish-mash of many progressive elements can be intense even when casually listening. This isn’t the case with “Bloom.”

On the flipside is “Shore,” a minimal offering of Frederic’s signature style that features his own vocals.

“Shore” opens with clicking-percussion, intriguing acoustic elements, and deep piano-keys that instantly provoke thought within the listener. As the tension and goose bumps build; a warm and ethereal drop resonates deep within along with echoing vocals, zigzagging percussion, slow-pulling mandolin strings, and heavy underlying bass-pads.

Much like how different parts of the sea wash up the shore with each crash of waves; the same can be said for Frederic’s song. As “Shore” progresses, different elements appear, disappear, and transform to keep things interesting and unique within a genre that’s fairly formulaic.

Overall, Frederic is definitely a producer that’s keen on continuing the forward-thinking style of producers like Commix, d-Bridge, Stray, Fracture, and more; in combination with his passion for all things that feel good. We’ve only liked what we’ve heard from this promising producer so far and be sure to keep watch for his debut album Mixed Signals on Blu Mar Ten Music later this month.

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