Review: Fields – On Your Own/Colours

An always forward thinking label, Utopia Music continues its current output of quality releases with “On Your Own/Colours” from the Bristol-based producer – Fields. Never leaving its roots behind, Utopia continues to carry influences from early 90’s IDM and jungle-core as well as lending a nod toward the entire Metalheadz sound with their releases.

Not straying far from the usual path, “On Your Own/Colours” is an analogue-educational treat from Utopia Resident; Fields. A producer who’s been gaining a lot of attention from more than a few labels including Symmetry, Dispatch, Med School, Mars, Indredients, and more.

Filling in with solo work among the myriad of collaborations with any combination of Mako, Hydro, DLR, Linden or as Mute when collaborating exclusively with Villem. “On Your Own/Colours” shows how Fields…does it on his own. If I had to describe this single in one word it would be – attitude.

The A-side – “On Your Own” is a sinister stepper of a tune with an intro straight out of a horror flick. A creepy, Gotham-City style vibe that’s complete with haunting chants begins to unfold. As you feel like you’re progressing through the streets alone; all of a sudden the bassline hits you in the gut. It’s all over now…

“You’re all alone in the streets cousin; it’s every man for himself in this land we be gunnin’.”

A sudden and heavy drop follows the Mobb Deep sample along with off-beat snares and kicks that keep the gritty/rolling bassline moving. Syncopated drum patterns work the feet, while the shuffling hi-hats of “On Your Own” don’t quit in keeping things interesting. With a perfect intro for such an intense track, Fields continues the dark, low, and rolling vibe throughout. Reminiscent of recent works by CZA & Optiv, “On Your Own” holds up in a roster of big off-beat tunes this year and is another solidifying track from Fields as a producer to keep watch for.

The B-side is the gritty “Colours.” Immediately you’re thrown into a pounding beat with a bigger-than-room bass kick and a stepping-snare that echoes throughout the room. It’s quite a fun intro that instantly demands a head-nod. Soon after, we’re introduced to analogue bass wobbles and pads that build an atmosphere as the hats switch up with rides; changing up the pacing of “Colours” along the way.

The drums of “Colours” go away briefly for a haunting sigh of relief, but… wait for it…the drop. The drums come back in full-force with a bassline that’s sure to fill a room.

Keeping an always evolving drum pattern going, Fields lets the bassline do all the talking (I can’t stress enough the great analogue vibe all over this track.) Meows from the belly of a hungry devil cat, metal sheet wobbles, and mechanical room-rumbles are some of the soundscape’s I gather from the bass synths that Fields laid out on “Colours.” Skank inducing right from the start; “Colours” keeps the adrenaline pumping with a relentless & pulsating bassline that never seems to leave.

Overall, gritty basslines and excellent drum work are par the course here. Keep an eye out for more from Fields on Utopia, Dispatch, and Symmetry. Also keep an eye out on Utopia for more forthcoming/early Metalheadz style education from Andy Skopes! (UM013)

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Words By: Norwegian (Kyle Hall)

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