Review: Dexcell – Close Your Eyes ft. Katie’s Ambition/Elevate

Drum and Bass trio Dexcell cap off the summer with two bits of liquid gold on John B’s Beta Recordings label. A track I had been following since I first heard it in John B’s October podcast of last year. The incredibly lush collaboration – “Close Your Eyes” between Dexcell and has finally arrived, and I couldn’t be happier.

Let me start by saying that “Close Your Eyes” is my favourite track of all year (a bold statement I know.)

The liquid anthem opens with a splashing hi-hat and cycling synths that lead up to a dream inducing kick-drum that resonates deep within, triggering Katie’s beautiful vocals that relax both the eyes and ears. The synths continue to cycle and pulsate while the splashing hi-hat from the intro hits away hypnotically; taking you to your dream world.

In my case, each time I hear this track I’m taken to a massive festival where the sun is shining. The vibes couldn’t be any better, and as this track rings out the massively imaginative sound-system, all within earshot are drawn to it.

Upon the drop a stabbing snare and racing hi-hats combine to create a swinging effect, cradling the tastefully heavy and warm liquid-bassline as it flows through your mind, body, and soul.

Katie’s vocals continue to take the lead while the addictive bassline rolls along in addition to silky-smooth underlying risers. With your eyes closed; Katie brings your dreams to life, inducing reflection and revelation within you on the dance floor, in your bedroom, or on the train.

In short, Katie’s vocals are incredibly lush and addictive, while Dexcell’s crisp, clean, and warm production elements perfectly suit her vocals to create a wonderfully euphoric track that even puts Miley Cyrus’ MDMA dealer to shame.

On the flipside is the heavier and equally liquid sound of “Elevate.” Salacious synths, flirtatious keys, and an intriguing/echoing vocal all come together to again raise the euphoria levels. Underneath those elements, a heavy kick drum pounds away; building-up to a fat bassline full of analog-style warmth and sharp/pristine digital elements.

Dexcell again hypnotizes you with militant drums that contain just the perfect amount of weight behind them and although “Elevate” contains less of a dreamy-atmosphere in comparison to the lead single, it does what the name entails and raises energy levels to great effect.

Wrapping up the release is a radio edit of “Close Your Eyes,” as well as a UKG remix from Distant Light that takes on a darker approach; perhaps inducing more of a nightmare vs. a good dream with warped kicks, looping vocals, and shuffling drum-work.

Overall, “Close Your Eyes/Elevate” is another great release from the trio. Dexcell continuously impresses the drum and bass community with a variety of styles and we can bet that the trio only has more impressive productions in the pipeline.

“Close Your Eyes/Elevate” is currently available on Beatport exclusively and will be made available across all download stores on October 22 nd .

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