Free Download: Tiesto ft. Kyler England – Take Me (Insect Remix)

Taking on a liquid approach to the famed Dutch DJ’s single “Take Me” featuring Kyler England, Estonian producer Insect adds on the weight to create a remix that’s fit for dancefloors and commuting alike.

Substituting the festival 4/4 vibes for an instantaneous increase in tempo; Insect nabs your attention with a fat snare, rolling hi-hats, smooth pads, and the salacious vocal of Kyler England. Utilizing effects cleanly as well, Insect slowly immerses you into a thought-provoking and emotionally filled world that smoothly builds up with a delayed snare, an addictive synth-lead, and the wonderfully chopped vocals of Ms. England.

Building-up the anticipation, Insect beautifully raises the energy of “Take Me” with an electric bassline that repeats in oscillation to create a rolling and stabbing effect (think Audio’s “Headroom;”) increasing in weight and energy with each hit of the concrete snare from the intro. Flickering synths in the background help add to the emotional impact of Kyler’s vocals that shift between being chopped and reverberated, while the repeating keys and stabbing bassline grips your attention for the full four minutes of the track.

We don’t know much about Insect, but we do know you should keep watch on this young Estonian for future releases.

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