Artist Interview/Guest Mix: Katie’s Ambition

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Katie’s Ambition, a rising singer/song-writer/DJ based in the town of Luton, England as she prepares for the release of her massive new single with Dexcell entitled “Close Your Eyes.” What started as a huge year for the rising star only continues with forthcoming collaborations with T-Phonic & Rollz, a live PA in Romania, as well as beginning to receiving regular airplay on the radio. On top of all that, she took time out of her busy schedule to record us a guest mix that includes a few exclusives from herself! You can grab the guest mix for free download below!

Dose: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us how you’re doing!?

Katie’s Ambition: Hellooo, my name is Katie’s Ambition; I am singer/song-writer and most recently a DJ – oh as well as a radio presenter for Ministry of Sound Radio and I am just swell thanks for asking!

Dose: You come from humble beginnings and started off with singing/song-writing your own productions as well as with vocal covers of popular tracks such as Magnetic Man’s “Perfect Stranger” on YouTube. Can you tell us about your musical background beyond your vocal talent? How did you first get into music?

Katie’s Ambition: Well my mum is a singer and she’s worked as various tribute acts or performed in cover bands all my life. When I was 16 I started doing gigs with her, but it wasn’t long before I realized that I loved writing my own songs and wanted to find a way to make and perform my own music.

Dose: How did you begin to collaborate with other producers and how did you come to the decision that you wanted to sing/song-write as a career?

Katie’s Ambition: I used to write songs on the piano from about the age of 12 and I had a folder of songs I’d written. My school friends and I would then sing them to our class at school – I still remember all the words! I didn’t get to start recording tracks though until my brother Shane (now one half of Baratone) and his mate Jimmy (now one half of Torqux) started producing breakbeat. The first time I heard a finished track with my vocal on it I knew that was what I wanted to do! The track was called ‘Devil in Flight’ by Duel Calibre, check it out (:

Dose: You evolved your talents to now DJ’ing, producing, and even performing live vocals while mixing. Which do you prefer, being able to mix and perform at the same time or performing solely your vocals over top another DJ’s set?

Katie’s Ambition: Wellll…I do love the DJ’ing, but the singing is a dream for me and there is no feeling like it! It’s what I’ve always wanted to do since I was a teeny tiny weirdo so it can’t be beat!

Dose: What originally got you into drum and bass? Can you give us your top three favourite drum and bass tracks? Top three favourite artists?

Katie’s Ambition: When I was first old enough to go out it was when my brother and his mate started producing breakbeat so I was going to a lot of breakbeat events. It wasn’t until I went to my first RAM night at Matter that I was really like – POW!!! This is the shiz!!

One favourite artist would be High Contrast & his remix of Tiesto’s Kaleidoscope is a favourite track of mine. One of those “oooh yeh;” think of my friends, loved ones, and good times’ songs! Another artist would have to be Ayah Marar! She’s a real inspiration and her writing style is really cool. I’ll go with Camo & Krooked ft Ayah Marar  – Cross the line as another top track! My final top track is – Fred V & Grafix – Games People play! That song isn’t even a song; it’s like a journey through life…a life filled with beauty and guitars. That’s my overplayed track of this year!

My final top artist is Rollz, because he is just so sick and I’m so happy I got to work with him. Being hooked up to work with him (big up UKF Luke for the hook-up) was mental. It was one of those emails you get and your like ‘yeeehaaaa’ and you smile all week! Was a nice feeling to be thought of in that calibre, and having the opportunity to work with someone whose music you have been a fan of is always going to be a bit crazy!

Dose: Who originally inspired you to start singing/song-writing?

Katie’s Ambition: My mum inspired me to sing and my brother inspired me to write. Also, big up my dad! I’m not sure if he has any musical talent, but he is so supportive and encouraging of my music!

Dose: You’ve worked with both drum and bass/dubstep producers such as High Maintenance, Hybrid Minds, Rollz, and more. Do you have any forthcoming collaboration’s that are outside of dubstep/dnb?

Katie’s Ambition: All forthcoming releases are dnb mostly (: It’s a direction that is going quite nicely and one that I’m really enjoying so I shall stay on this road for awhile!

Dose: You also have a huge forthcoming single with Dexcell entitled “Close Your Eyes” on that showcases your vocal talent and ability. How did that collaboration come about, and how do you feel about the end result of the track?

Katie’s Ambition: Well that collaboration and many others came through A.M.C. He heard a track I did with my friend Kerry (Soul Culture) & asked me to do some tracks with him, and then I think he just gave my contact details out to a few people because I kept getting random messages asking for collabs – which was brilliant! One of them being Dexcell and another being Hybrid minds! So thanks Alex! (: I’m really happy with the outcome of “Close Your Eyes” though and can’t wait for its release!! Eeep.

Dose: You currently host a radio show on Ministry of Sound, what do you like/dislike about being on the radio in comparison to DJ’ing an event?

Katie’s Ambition: It’s really fun! I love doing it, except it’s a bit hard due to the time it takes & needing to have fresh tracks every week, but I love getting sent and listening to music so I can’t complain! I guess that is the main vary, if you prepare a set a few weeks in advance you would probably play the same set a few times, but the show has to be different each week – the content is the hardest part and doing a new mix each week!

Dose: How does it feel to be where you are now, and what would you classify as the biggest moment in your career to date?

Katie’s Ambition: The way I describe working in the music industry is like climbing a 100-step ladder. I still only feel like I’m at step 14, which is better than steps 1-13 (obviously), but there are still so many steps! Every release, every performance, every radio play, is like another step. Step-14 doesn’t feel too different from Step-6 or 7, but ask me how it feels when I’m at step 48 (:

BIGGEST moment to date though – wellll that has to be being side-stage for Friction’s set at Global Gathering this year and hearing him play “Close Your Eyes;” the new track you mentioned from Dexcell and I. Those are the moments I dreamed of and is why I started making my own music; to be a part of that…the moments that everyone in the crowd remembers forever! I love going to see DJ’s, dancing with my friends, and talking about how incredible the tunes were on the journey home – to be a part of creating that is insane.

Dose: As your name and the amount of opportunities available to you continue to grow, what does the remainder of the year hold for Katie and her ambitions?

Katie’s Ambition: I have no idea, but I’m excited! Hopefully more live stuff, because I want to get out and sing my own stuff live as much as possible!

Dose: Your vine account could indicate you’re gunning to become a triple-threat (singer, song-writer, & actor.) Any plans to incorporate dancing in the future and to become a quadruple-threat?

Katie’s Ambition: Oh…..I can dance. They call me crazy legs don’t you know!? You’ll see!

Dose: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and who gave it to you?

Katie’s Ambition: It’s not so much advice, but more a positive quote that I read from Marcus Auerlius – “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” I love that quote and whenever I feel a bit down, or angry, or negative; I think about it. My dad told me to research Marcus Auerlius so it kind of came from him.

Dose: What’s the best piece of advice you have for any aspiring vocalists/song-writers?

Katie’s Ambition: Work hard! Put lots into it, and take every opportunity as they are all a step on that massive ladder – some small steps lead to 2 or 3 steps! Also, enjoy it; if something doesn’t make you happy then it’s not worth doing.

Dose: Will you and T-Phonic’s collaboration “All Night Long” see a release anytime soon?

Katie’s Ambition: Yes, soon! I have been asking T-Phonic that same question & I keep getting told “soon…soon…soon.” It’s such a massive tune!!! It comes as part of an EP with another track which has a video (ooooh) and I think it has been held-up on release, but it’ll be worth the wait!

Dose: For those that don’t know, explain YOPA.

Katie’s Ambition: YOPA – You Only Poo Always. It’s a mild mock on YOLO. I saw JLS being interviewed on TV a few months back and one of them said “Well there’s this new thing called YOLO.” I think that’s when YOLO died, so my new ambition is that in 3 years time when JLS have been reunited for 2 & a half years that they are being interviewed and one of them will say…“Well there’s this new thing called YOPA.” That’s the dream!

Dose: What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

Katie’s Ambition: I can’t tell you, because you might get me sectioned!

Dose: Thanks for the interview/guest-mix!

Katie’s Ambition: Thank you! (:

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