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If there’s one person to watch this year, it’s the young Austrian known as Mefjus (Martin Schober.) A name now synonymous with raw and innovative neurofunk that makes your teeth grin, this young man has had an immense year and is surely to have an even bigger one ahead of him. Starting production at the age of 16 with 2 Akai samplers, a Behringer 16 channel mixer, and Cubase; Mefjus produced hip-hop instrumentals for his brother’s hip-hop group. While learning the ropes of production, Mefjus also played jazz-trumpet for several years and didn’t begin producing drum and bass till much later.

It was in 2004 that Martin’s brother took the curious producer to his first drum and bass rave called 42 nd Streetsession, a regular dnb night in Wels, Austria. From there he was hooked. In 2009 after honing his production skills, Martin saw his first release on Tilt recordings titled “Radix” and from there went on to have releases on Mindtech, Trust in Music, Disturbed, and Ammunition. All of which featured collaborations with fellow well known Austrian drum and bass producers Bowsar, M-force, Fourward, and Neonlight.

In 2012 though, Mefjus made his mark on the entire drum and bass scene with a monstrous single on Phace & Misanthrop’s Neodigital label. The A side “Far Too Close” would end up being many producers nomination as song of the year and the hip-hop inspired “Distantia” left many listeners curious as to what this still relatively new artist had in store. Shortly after, he garnered the attention of many more with a rather nasty remix for fellow famed Austiran’s Camo & Krooked. Having earned the support of Neurofunk’s pioneers along with the support of Andy C, Hype, Kasra, Friction, and more, Martin began to solidify his rank as one of the most exciting and innovative drum and bass producers out there.

Over the course of 2012, he saw his music released on Jade’s Eat Brain label as well as on Chris Renegade’s Breed 12 Inch label. Not stopping there, Mefjus also released an EP for Trust in Music, collaborated with the mighty Enei on his “Machines” LP, and was given remix duties for the likes of Optiv and BTK. On top of an already successful year, Mefjus capped it off by winning the award for “Best Newcomer Producer” at the Drum and Bass Arena awards and signed an exclusive deal with Critical Recordings. Now under Kasra’s wing, he will surely be leaving an even greater mark on the scene this year and being one to tease singles before they’re even heard, Kasra already has us keen to hear what will be his first Critical single entitled “Signals.”

Check out the video below to hear 41 minutes of Mefjus live including what we believe are some exclusive bits!

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