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Another producer you should keeping watch of this year is Chords (Chris Ansah). Many of you have heard at least one of Chords’ songs already as a standout track from Netsky’s rather old but still very gold essential mix. If you have ever listened to the Belgian’s masterpiece of a mix as many times as we have, you’ll know this tune from the intro sample alone.

“Now I’m going to show you how to make one of the most deceptive breaks of all. This break is called electro-funk-daddy-superstar-break”

Ring a bell?

Ever since hearing that song (“Radio”) in Netsky’s essential mix, the South London based producer has had our ears itching for more of his jazz, funk, jungle, and garage infused tunes. Amazingly, Chords originally started playing piano at the age of 4 which would lead to him becoming a finalist of the BBC’s youngest musician of the year competition at age 15. Continuously playing piano and eventually learning guitar, Chords began to develop a wealth of knowledge in music theory. Hearing his fathers jazz and funk collection through his youth and eventually being introduced and hooked onto drum and bass by his older brothers jungle and garage collection, Chords began to fuse his rich background in music theory with the sounds he was hearing around him.

Remaining underground, honing his production skills, and learning what he could from some of the top acts in drum and bass, Chords eventually found his music landing on BBC Radio 1’s Essential mix courtesy of Netsky. Eventually earning his first release as a remix for Cyantific on the world famous Hospital Records, Chords then found his music released on W10 and Matrix’s Metro Recordings. Starting the last year with a huge collaboration between Matrix and himself entitled “Hypnotize,” Chords would then release another single (“Video Soul/Fly”) also on Metro Recordings. After receiving support from the likes of Crissy Criss, Smooth, Sub Focus, and more, Chords is due to release his next single on Dimension and SkankandBass’ Regal Records.

Due for release on January 28 th , “In Lightspeed” once again draws from Chords funk influences and combines silk smooth synths, fun percussion, and a soft vocal that takes you to another place. On the flip, “By Design” also draws on that strong funk influence but this time Chords kicks things up a notch with a winding build up that drops into a heavy combination of soul and energy.

Not being one to slow down on productions, Chords also shared a tasty new bit on his soundcloud called “Biting Point” which has already been tearing clubs apart courtesy of Andy C!

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