Review: Kove – Searching

Building up the buzz around his highly anticipated “Measures” EP on Chase and Status’ MTA Records, Kove’s latest single yet again elevates his ranking in the drum and bass world with the adventurous summer vibes of “Searching.”

Relatively unknown within the drum and bass world due to his young age and minimal amount of releases, Kove is a serious up-and-comer that originally began his career by attempting to start an electro-pop band. It was in 2010 though that Kove first saw the Brookes Brothers and from there he was hit with the irreversible effect of hearing drum and bass music. It was love at first dance.

Knowing that, it’s clear where Kove draws a large amount of inspiration from. Stylistically, Kove’s skillful at producing tracks that please both the reese-heads and those that like to put their hands in the air; running their fingers through the invisible energy above them while a bassline rips through their chest. This was demonstrated on his earlier releases on ProgRAM (“Iodine”) and Viper (“Stellar”), and “Searching” is in line with that unique style yet fit for a broader audience.

Picked up by global superstars Chase & Status for their label MTA, “Searching” is reminiscent of the duo’s earlier productions that moved you emotionally and physically; blending uniquely modulated basslines that rolled-out smoothly yet backed with plenty of weight.

“Searching” opens similarly to those classic tracks, with sparkling synths in addition to a soothing, slow-pulling double-bassline that accompanies the lush pads. As “Searching” progresses the elements all begin to combine with silk smooth risers; blending into one euphoric crash that triggers the soaring vocal sample.

The vocal sample of “Searching” is what makes up half of this outstanding track. It’s deep enough to captivate listeners throughout large spaces and earphones alike. The moving vocal sample grabs you and then triggers a filtered/underlying double-time build-up that begins to move the rest of you in preparation for the drop. Much like the two guys who signed this amazing tune, “Searching” contains all the modulated, tingling, synth-swinging, hand-raising, and bass-filled goodness that we came to know from their More Than Alot album…and then some.

Swooshing & filtered snares that hit cleanly in-between the flowing bassline keep things heavy, while the bassline continuously transforms underneath the lead synth line; keeping things interesting and addicting. Having already grasped you into his euphoric world, Kove then elevates the tune even higher with a delayed second drop; including an additional “that’s why I am” sample that increases the emotional and physical impact of the drop. Kove may still be “Searching” as a producer who has only just started his career, but if we can expect releases that continue to showcase his elevation in production than we’re sure there’s only more big things to come.

With “Searching,” Kove has raised the bar for what can be defined as “liquid” and has widened the audience of drum and bass via releasing it on MTA Records. It’s no doubt Kove is a very promising producer and without barricading him into the past of the label heads that signed this tune, we’re quite excited to hear what else he has in store across all genres. Keep watch for his “Measures” EP also forthcoming on MTA in October.

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