Artist Interview: DJ Hazard

Still destroying dancefloor’s with his latest single “Time Tripping/Digital Bumble Bee,” jump-up wizard DJ Hazard gave us some insight into what the rest of the year holds for him, if he will be crossing the pond anytime soon, and how he got the name Hazard!

Dose: First and foremost, thank you for allowing us the interview! How are you?

DJ Hazard: I’m great, thanks!

Dose: You just released Time Tripping/Digital Bumble Bee which has not only been a successful release, but again showcases your innovative style. You also are sitting on a lot of unreleased material such as Cherry Bomb, Meen Time, & Mark Q. What else remains for you in 2013?

DJ Hazard: Honestly, I don’t know! I just make it up as I go; I like things to just happen when they’re ready and feel right. There’s no guarantee Cherry Bomb, Meen Time, or Mark Q will ever be released…let’s see what happens : )

Dose: You’re a father of two and also have one of the busiest schedules with your weekends booked full for months in advance. With your name getting larger with each release, how do you find time to balance between being a dad, being in the studio, and playing gigs on weekends?

DJ Hazard: I think it’s the same for anyone who has kids and works nights; you just do what you can and when you can. Then you sleep as much as you can and hope that they don’t wake you up!

Dose: You grinded your way to where you are now by starting out working in a record shop, DJ’ing on Kool FM, and then by producing tracks. What would you say differs from artists getting noticed and signed today compared to when you started out?

DJ Hazard: I’d say egos have gotten bigger ; )

Dose: You’ve got a growing fan base here in North America and although you don’t travel much outside of the UK/Europe, will you consider the idea of playing overseas in the future?

DJ Hazard: Watch this space! : )

Dose: What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received and who gave it to you?

DJ Hazard: Don’t get caught…and I’m not allowed to tell you who told me!

Dose: What’s the best piece of advice you have for any young producers out there?

DJ Hazard: Press every button until something happens ; )

Dose: Throughout your career you’ve always communicated how important it is for you to draw influence from other styles of music. Being a fan of Motown and Reggae, what are some of your favourite non-dnb artists?

DJ Hazard: Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci are two of my favourites : )

Dose: If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive, who would you choose?

DJ Hazard: I can’t paint! ; )

Dose: If you could remix any track, which would you choose?

DJ Hazard: I’m not really a big fan of remixing to be honest!

Dose: You’re driving home from the club in the morning after a hectic night of several gigs and you’re starving, what do you grab to eat?

DJ Hazard: I’m guessing you have never been to a motorway service station in the UK, because you’re better off chewing your steering wheel till you get home!

Dose: How did you originally choose the name Hazard?

DJ Hazard: A multi-coloured space unicorn came down from the heavens on a rainbow and said to me: “from this day forth you will be called Hazard!” Ok, the truth is a little less interesting…I was looking for a DJ name and my friend suggested Hazard and at the time I thought it was great.

Dose: Lastly, do you ever get tired of arriving to a club and hearing Mr.Happy being played?

DJ Hazard: Hell yeah, but inside I’m secretly dancing : )

Dose: Thanks for the interview!

DJ Hazard: You’re welcome!

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