Review: Artifice – Crime Rate/Shadows

Following his initial release on Inner City Dance, Artifice returns with another exceptional release that showcases his ability to yield immersive and explosive tunes out of minimal elements.

Taking an Action Bronson sample and adding his sinister touch, “Crime Rate” builds with ominous stabs and tripping jungle breaks before unloading into a Virus infused belter of a bassline. As the pre-drop sample says, “the bassline raise the crime rate” and takes you for a ride-along from the perspective of the bad guy. A warm yet heavy drop twists and turns in conjunction with the chopped Bronsolino sample; giving the track a feeling as if you’re a criminal evading police. A robust snare smacks the warping bassline along while underlying crashes of white noise and racing hi-hats add a “bullet-dodging” and “explosion-evading” vibe.

“Crime Rate” once again demonstrates how Artifice has grown in his production output and confidence by appearing to effortlessly fuse immersive atmospherics with explosive basslines. “Crime Rate” is an ode to drum and bass’ past of minimal yet addictive basslines and will be the soundtrack to any future illegal activities you may find yourself conducting.

On the flipside, is “Shadows.” A reese based excursion into the dark depths of drum and bass. Twitching drums, a gaveling snare, and tension-building atmospherics warp into a swallowing bass stab that releases a chugging roller. Underlying off-beat vocal jabs and a subtle, reappearing whisper of “Shadows” ties the creepily warm atmosphere together; creating something very thematic yet fit for dancefloors. Thanks to creative drum fills that cradle in the background, sharp synth stabs, and a climatic breakdown, one can’t help but think about the innovative and immersive arrangement that Metalheadz became renowned for. It’s no coincidence that Artifice’s love for film inspires such uniquely deep and impactful atmospherics.

“Shadows” is a refreshing cross between feeling as if you’re about to jump off your couch during the peak moment in a horror film and making you bust out trigger fingers head down in the club. Then again, that accurately summates the attitude of Artifice (or so I’d like to think it does.)

With “Crime Rate/Shadows” Artifice again demonstrates why he’s a must-watch producer by effectively utilizing a multitude of percussive elements and immersive atmospherics to take you on a journey with each track. Artifice’s releases feel polished, complete, and cultured; which is a commendable achievement during a time where we’re starting to hear more tracks with recycled content. Be sure to show your support for Artifice by grabbing “Crime Rate/Shadows” below.

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