Review: DJ Hazard – Time Tripping/Digital Bumble Bees

Billy…You Time Tripping Again? I can always tell you know…when you’ve been Time Tripping.

Still pounding through speakers nightly with well known and diverse anthems such as Mr. Happy, Air Guitar, It’s A Secret, Proteus & more. DJ Hazard is back with another infectious release on the almighty Playaz Recordings. Having already gained attention and notoriety through his excellent Fabriclive mix, the ominous and weighty roller “Time Tripping” comes to us backed with the sensational buzzing vibes of “Digital Bumble Bees.”

Beginning with that infectious sample asking Billy if he’s been “Time Tripping,” you can already tell this tune’s going to be a serious banger (if you somehow haven’t heard it before.) Dropping into a warm, smooth, and smile-widening off-beat roller, “Time Tripping” moves along with those standard DJ Hazard drums. Crisp, fat, heavy, filtered, and loose snares & hats keep this large mass balanced and moving forward much like a stick and a hula-hoop of bass. What makes “Time Tripping” such a stand out track among others is that it again showcases the diversity of a humble and hard working producer that earned the recognition and acclimation of dnb fans on a broader scale by putting out unique and bar-raising productions that sit in a class of their own among jump-up, let along the entire genre.

“Time Tripping” stretches and warps in a way that resonates within the body resulting in it to move uncontrollably. With its rolling percussion giving the song a swing effect and with interchanging fills between clean and crisp to distorted and sharp, “Time Tripping” is another tune in a catalogue full of belters. Whether you show respect and admiration by way of raising trigger fingers, head-nodding, or calling for the reload, “Time Tripping” is a dancefloor killer and calls for recognition as so. When you hear Billy has arrived, prepare yourself to be subdued by the stretching, slowing, and bass heavy effect of “Time Tripping.”

Following “Time Tripping,” the AA sided “Digital Bumble Bees” is another strong demonstration of why DJ Hazard is one of the most exciting and innovative producers in drum and bass. Opening with those strong drums and racing hi-hats, another infectious and perfectly matching sample warns of how one can’t get these sounds out of their head. Warped underlying bass stabs and screeches build the ominous atmosphere up to what sounds like “Digital Bumble Bees.” Before you know it, a fury of buzzing bass swarms you along with a clever, innovative, and off-beat snyth riff that warps and climbs to create a buzzing and menacing effect. Hazard also smartly pitches down and beefs up the synths and bass every sixteen bars to keep things interesting as well as by isolating each transitory hit with a warped-underlying bass roll accompanied with a grunt sample that raises the level of intensity with each hit.

What was self-admittedly “annoying sounding” at first, “Digital Bumble Bees” is one of those tracks that could be complete garbage if done in the wrong way, but fortunately the man behind the buttons knows how to make you Busta Move . So, show DJ Hazard some support and pick up the limited vinyl pressing of this amazing release or by way of digital purchase. Face it; you’re not going to be able to get these noises out of your head anyway!

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