Free Download: Annix – Animated VIP EP

Recent exclusive Playaz signee’s Konichi & Decimal Bass kindly give away their Animated VIP EP under their collaborative alias known as Annix. Having already nabbed the attention of many including the likes of Noisia, Hazard, TC, and more, this free download package includes three massive bangers.

First up is “War Dub VIP.” This one’s your classic jump-up banger and utilizes chasing hi-hats and shakers with fat, loud, and growling bass. “War Dub VIP” is raw-roots jump-up with an updated sound; pure heads down and trigger fingers in the air business.

Secondly is the very massive “Unnatural Element VIP” which you may recognize from DJ Hazard’s Fabriclive mix of last year. Giving things a more rolling vibe this time; Annix again bring fat, growling (and this time) howling bass with double time drum fills to contrast the warm oscillating bassline. As the pre-drop sample suggests, Annix’s strong production elements work to maximum effect on the dance floor and good luck trying to resist the urge to skank about with a beer in one hand and with a spliff in the other.

Lastly is the seemingly dark and atmospheric “Sword VIP,” but don’t let its intro fool you. “Sword VIP” bangs and mashes itself into your brain upon dropping and is a certified dance floor killer. “Sword VIP” smacks you around with its warped bassline, punches your guts with its drums, and smoothens that all out with its ever changing yet clever percussion fills. “Sword VIP” is another addition to a laundry list of reasons as to why Annix has been signed to Playaz exclusively, and like the samples suggests; this song is what happens when you don’t bring a sword to a sword fight.

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