Free Download: Optiv & BTK ft. Ryme Tyme – Ignition (Barbarix Remix)

Things You Should Know About Barbarix:

1. He’s Young

2. He’s a Bad Ass

3. He Has Already Received Recognition & Support from the Likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Modestep, Koven, Mutated Forms, and more.

4. He Has Solidified Himself as a Must-Watch Producer

5. He Produced a Remix of Optiv & BTK’s “Ignition” ft. Ryme Tyme

6. His Remix Reached The Top 5 of Their Competition

7. He Made His Remix Available For Free

Now that you’re aware of Barbarix, it’s time you met his music. Although he’s young, Barbarix brings a level of production that some strive their entire lives to achieve and it’s no secret why his remix cracked the Top 5 of Optiv and BTK’s remix competition. Barbarix’s remix of “Igniton” utilizes a rolling and croaking bassline accompanied with steel-plated percussion that gives the track a jungle vibe and creates what would probably be the soundtrack to a psychedelic remake of Jurassic Park set in the year 3000. It doesn’t end there though. In-between the scrambling sections of bassline madness, Barbarix prepares you for ignition and brings out classic rave stabs while Ryme Tyme’s tripping vocals spiral you out of your senses. Barbarix’s remix of “Ignition” is just one of many prime examples of why this young producer is a promising one. So, be sure to give his social media outlets a like or follow as the name Barbarix will surely be one popping up more and more in the near future.

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