Interview: Sonorous Events

In celebration of their recent two-year anniversary, we took a moment to sit down with Sonorous Events owner Curtis Rice to provide some insight into the life of a promoter!

Dose: Describe a busy day in the life of a promotion company owner.

Curtis: Well the busiest days are probably the ones that surround the event. The day of the event, everything you worked on previously is coming together all at once. You need to sort out the artists transportation, deal with ticket reps, last minute promotion, setting up at the club, taking care of the artists hospitality, get payments in order and lots of other stuff.

Dose: How did you get into promoting?

Curtis: About 3 years ago in the summer a guy I knew wanted to get involved in throwing events. He wanted to produce a dubstep show and I was really into dubstep at the time, so I hopped on board and acted like the marketing/promo guy. After the event he decided that this type of work was not something he was going to pursue and he basically called it quits. I wanted to continue promoting/producing events so I formed Sonorous in February of 2011 alongside Illweather,Trench, and THuuN.

Dose: How do you approach producers and get their attention?

Curtis: Mainly through their agents, if an artist does not have an agent then you can just hit him up via social media outlets or send them an e-mail usually.

Most artists we deal with have agents and it is the quickest and easiest way to get a hold of them.

Dose: Who would you really like to get to Toronto this year?

Curtis: This year Icicle was one of the guys I really wanted to get down here, so since we were able to do that I’d say guys like Neonlight, Maztek, The Prototypes, Break, Distance, Kryptic Minds or Spor.

Dose: What was your favourite Sonorous night?

Curtis: That’s a tossup between Calyx & Teebee or our 2 year anniversary with Icicle & Audio.

Dose: Out of the many producers you’ve worked with, who stands out and why?

Curtis: That’s a tough one, they are all unique individuals in their own way.

They all stand out as amazing producers and DJ’s who worked very hard to get to where they are now.

Dose: Any big plans for 2013 that you can share?

Curtis: As of right now nothing I can share, just make sure to keep a look out for Sonorous Events on Facebook and Twitter!

Dose: Cheers!

Upcoming Events:

Sonorous Events & 40hz Present: Goth Trad

Sonorous Events & Toronto Jungle Present: Black Sun Empire – From The Shadows LP Tour

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