Review: Wilkinson – Take You Higher/Crunch

Wilkinson | Take You Higher | Crunch

Returning from his smashing single “Direction/Need to Know,” Wilkinson adds another pair of anthems to his already impressive catalogue with his latest single “Take You Higher/Crunch.” Having already received early support from label boss Andy C, “Take You Higher” is a flare of euphoria that turns heads with an infectious melody combined with a booming and increasingly pitched up vocal sample that demands nodding heads and arms in the air. Just before kicking you in the face with bass, Wilkinson surrounds you in a sonic sensation that’s released like an explosion of confetti at the hit of a fat snare. “Take You Higher” will surely be rinsed amongst every festival this summer and when the infectious melody grips your attention and the heavy-smooth bass washes over you, say goodbye to those around you and prepare for lift off.

On the flipside, “Crunch” is a nod to Wilkinson’s darker side and caters to those that like their music bass heavy and trigger-finger inducing. Utilizing another ear infecting synth lead and vocal sample, Wilkinson buzzes the senses of those who know him for harder tunes like “Moonwalker” and “Overdose.” The bassline of “Crunch” is pure evil and if for whatever reason you didn’t like Wilkinson already…well as the vocal sample communicates, he gives you plenty of reason to hate him now. In layman’s terms, “Crunch” is a tuneee. Jumping, hard-hitting snares and garbage disposal bass make it difficult to stand still, so prepare for an increase in your heart rate while your amount of “fucks given” substantially decreases.

The release also features a couple remixes of “Take You Higher” from Jakwob and Foamo, as well as an instrumental version. Be sure to keep watch on Wilkinson as his debut album is set to be released in June of this year!

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