Review: Ulterior Motive & Judda – Timekeeper

Ulterior Motive | Timekeeper | Judda

Having already started the year off with a heavyweight nod to drum and bass’ past with “Right Here” on Metalheadz, Ulterior Motive return with Judda this time and yet another nod to the past on Teebee’s Subtitles label.

Timekeeper throws you into the early emergence of what was still considered jungle at the time with its simplistic yet funky production and dark-heavyweight elements. Raw bass stabs/growls, slick percussion, and binding atmospherics create a serious banger that pleases drum and bass fans across the board. Stabbing and growling its way along before punching you with an obese snare into a wall of bass; Timekeeper successfully grasps the vibe of an era that goes unknown to some with updated elements to give a cleaner, heavier, and overall more compact feel with a running time of just over six minutes. Its ridiculously fat and extending kicks create a stepping vibe that then switches into a massive roller on the second drop making Timekeeper a head-nodder that can’t be ignored.

Timekeeper is simple and effective; much like many of the tracks that were conceived during drum and bass’ “golden era,” and utilizes immersive atmospherics infused with heavy drums and bass to create something simple, clean, and lethal. Staying true to its name, Timekeeper is certainly a track that would have been considered a classic back then and can be considered a future classic now. Simply put, Timekeeper is drum and bass. Ulterior Motive and Judda have deservingly garnered a large amount of respect and recognition from notable drum and bass artists for not only Timekeeper, but their latest output of productions as well. As we slowly see the resurgence of drum and bass within the mainstream again, we’re also beginning to see resurgence in the roots of the genre that now contain one foot in the past with the other in the present. Its tracks like Timekeeper that captivate what this genre is all about and leaves us wanting more from this very talented group of Bournemouth based producers.

Ulterior Motive | Timekeeper | Judda

Being on Teebee’s Subtitles label, Timekeeper is backed with a remix from Calyx and Teebee that doesn’t expand much on the original but is infused with the usual C&T flavour. Sharp drum fills, warped synth stabs, and a more rolling bassline all blend together to give a more dance-floor infused offering of the original. Although it’s a good remix, it honestly could have been done without as Timekeeper is so strong on its own that it almost feels unnecessary. With that said; no matter which offering you prefer be sure to support Ulterior Motive & Judda for this standout piece of production.

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