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As the title indicates, Tyke’s new Schizophrenia EP contains all the elements to make you go crazy. Inducing auditory-hallucinations that are in fact real, Tyke’s new EP is bizarre in his usual fashion and is a strong debut for the exclusive Playaz signee.

Known for keeping it raw, weird, and a bit crazy; Tyke collaborates with his long-time mate Prestige to open up his debut Playaz EP with the title track “Schizophrenia.” Noir-esque keys cast a dark sky as the schizophrenic hi-hats and snares create a feeling of discomfort. Enticed and unsure of what’s to follow, the elements of “Schizophrenia” pitch-down before all hell breaks loose with massive drop that contains pitch-shifting pads, a cuttingly-clean snare, rolling hats, and filtered fills that add to the schizophrenic effect.

“Schizophrenia” takes control of your mind and body leaving you unable to resist the effects of Tyke’s crazed yet clean style. “Schizophrenia” kicks off Tyke’s debut EP strongly, but leaves space for the remainder of the EP to shine.

Making you feel as if you’ve wandered off into the darkness muttering nonsense, the EP continues with “Dogs.” A simplistic yet naughty bit of bass; “Dogs” utilizes an eerie intro sample that now makes you feel as if you’re about to be attacked by something dark in the distance. Maybe it’s one of them things…one of them “Dogs?”

In this case, that prediction would be accurate as Tyke unleashes a pack of fat kicks, cracking snares, and stabbing hi-hats. Growling its way along, “Dogs” is as close as you can get to being bitten and barked at by a dog through headphones/speakers. With a knack for immersing you in the deep, dark, and twisted depths of his world, Tyke uniquely simulates being attacked by a pack of dogs in the night while maintaining a high level of dancefloor pressure. “Dogs” is cleverly simple and raw, yet contains as much energy as you would find in the current #1 song on the Beatport Drum and Bass chart.

Following “Dogs” is for us, the standout of the Schizophrenia EP; “Shatter the Sentance.” Opposing to the EP’s title track with its less aggravated feel, “Shatter the Sentance” is deceivingly laidback at first, but underlying double-time drums accompany an LSD induced vocal sample that together, build-up to a massive and head-nodding bassline that’s full of depth and range.

Fat and heavy kicks bounce the bassline of “Shatter the Sentance” along while a splashing snare and bell-ringing samples add to the “sentance shattering” effect. Catchy bass stabs, heart-rate monitor beeps, tripping hi-hats, and human grunts all bring the atmosphere of “Shatter the Sentance” to life. The listeners both attention and limbs are drawn into the simplistic yet rhythmic arrangement of “Shatter the Sentance;” demonstrating Tyke’s signature ability to be minimal, effective, and encapsulating with his productions.

As the sample says, “eternal life explodes outside the Sentance” and “Shatter the Sentance” does just that. An explosion of life and energy upon the drop results in “Shatter the Sentance” being one of jump-up’s biggest tunes this year.

Lastly, the Schizophrenia EP closes out with “Oblong.” In continuation with the thematic vibes of the rest of the EP, “Oblong” trades the spine-tingling string leads of the title-track for anxiety inducing drums and keys in combination with an explorative low-end. A continuously warping and analog bassline keeps “Oblong” jumping and momentous, while the hammering and fear-raising drums crack back and forth.

“Oblong” is chalk full of bass and contains all the elements that make the rest of the Schizophrenia EP so good, but stripped back. “Oblong” showcases even further how Tyke’s signature style of drums and bass can be lethal even when used in a more minimal manner. “Oblong” is catchy with its continuously transforming bassline and uniquely maintains a vibe by using a minimal amount of elements; making it a fit end to such a crazy EP.

Tyke’s Schizophrenia EP is an immense debut for this new Playaz signee and only has us excited for what further material this promising producer holds.

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