Review: The Upbeats – Beyond Reality

The Upbeats - Beyond Reality

Still riding high off their success from the “Diffused” EP, The Upbeats are back with a slice of futuristic funk that will cream the pants of even the most jaded Neurofunk fan entitled “Beyond Reality.” Showcasing incredible and innovative production to educate and arouse new fans and long-time followers alike, The Upbeats intro with eerie pads that unwind into a buzzing riff that leaves the listener with goose bumps and their curiosity peaked.

A stomping hook follows, whipping itself with lashing synths and grunts of pleasure much like a Roman gladiator about to enter battle. Taking things to the next level in usual Upbeats fashion, the synths continue to stab while the bass stretches, stomps, and sonically seduces the listener even further while boomeranging and filtered drums fly in from beneath. With the listeners limbs in their hands, The Upbeats spiral their sound intro a spring of energy that unloads a futuristic funk explosion that nods to the darker, tunneling sound of the early 90’s yet demonstrates how sound and technology have evolved since then. With a stepping and stomping bassline, that catchy hook that ingrains itself into the brain, and a hammering snare drum that pounds the listener on the head, The Upbeats have out done themselves with “Beyond Reality.”

“Beyond Reality” is a sonic masterpiece that solidifies The Upbeats maturity into production professionals that catch the attention of many with meticulous mixdowns and funk infused grooves. The Upbeats once again humbly leave the jaws of fans, producers, and DJ’s alike on the ground before finishing us all off with their new album ‘Primitive Technique’ out on Vision Recordings April 29th!

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