Review: The Radius – Radius Recordings Compilation

The Radius

After gracing the Fabriclive mix series and rounding out last year with his massive “Never the Same” EP, the legendary DJ Hazard blows us away once again with his new Radius Recordings Compilation.

“The Radius” is a compilation of cuts all taken from his Fabriclive 65 mix so you know these tunes from when they first left you grinning last year. For those that haven’t heard Hazard’s Fabriclive mix (go buy it now) “The Radius” contains a nice variety of jump-up that increases in excitement with every nod of the head.

Konichi, Decimal Bass, Retronym (aka Tyke), Boosta & Atmos T and many more come together to bring heavy bass full of bounce. Konichi’s “Signol Smoke” has been gaining a lot of support from the likes of Friction and Decimal Bass’ “Hypnotise” has been making the rounds by the likes of John B and more. Both artists appear on the album twice with some gnarly basslines that bend and twist your speakers and then together on “Ghetto Blaster” under the name Annix. Both Konichi and Decimal Bass have some bright futures ahead of them and we look forward to what else they have forthcoming.

Tyke appears twice on the album, first under his alias Retronym with “They’re Not Human” then as himself with “Vice Squad.” He certainly stands out with both projects hopefully leading to more from this creative producer that does an excellent job of taking you into his dark twisted world.

The album rounds out with a crunchy bass attack from the Bass Brothers with “Mr. Jungle” VIP and DJ Rowney brings the beauty bounce on “Cheek of It” along with more choice selections from Dialogue & Total Recall, P.A., and Malachai and Voltage.

Finally, we can all get our hands on this amazing selection of tunes out on January 21st!

Purchase “The Radius” currently on iTunes only

Be sure to grab the free download of Konichi’s “Tools of The Trade” VIP and Boosta’s “Rock The Boat” below courtesy of Muzik Hertz Recordings


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