Review: Optiv & CZA – Bring It Back/Don’t Look Now

Optiv & CZA

Long-time collaborators Optiv and CZA (Mark of Cause4Concern) bring us two brand new and absolute banging production for SGN:LTD! “Bring It Back”/”Don’t Look Now” is a slice of fresh and modern productions that are reminiscent of the early dark days of drum and bass. Not holding back in the slightest, SGN:LTD takes a detour from their usual deeper sound to provide us all with two monsters that will surely be heard everywhere.

“Bring It Back” follows suit of the other collaborations between the two by opening with lush and euphoric synths that could easily be mistaken for an old school Bukem record. As Optiv and CZA generate curiosity and excitement, a raving piano line and jumping hi-hats emerge from beneath the beautiful intro. As “Bring It Back” builds in rave anthem fashion, it drops into silence with a smooth, soft, and echoing vocal sample that unexpectedly unleashes a raging and lashing bassline with classic hardcore synth stabs and fat, rigid drums. “Bring It Back” is an energetic monster that will surely please the old school headz while educating the younger generation on that classic sound. With catchy piano riffs and an updated yet old school bassline, “Bring It Back” is one of those tunes that successfully caters to two different age groups. Whether you’re 40 or 14, this one calls for trigger fingers and some serious head banging.

“Don’t Look Now” sounds just as the name implies, it grabs your attention and increases your heart rate before you’ve even had a chance to comprehend all the sounds being thrown at you. With blazing fast bongo-infused drums, a raw bouncing bassline, and synths that are reminiscent of the early dark sound, “Don’t Look Now” builds quickly and immensely. As the intro reaches its climax, Optiv and CZA smoothly filter out all that energy and isolate those attention grabbing synth stabs that release an explosion of sound at the hit of underlying snares. “Don’t Look Now” is fat, stepping, grungy, and funky. It twists, turns, and growls its way through your body all while being wrapped around those wickedly dark synths and head nodding percussion. “Don’t Look Now” doesn’t waste any time in grabbing your attention and is guaranteed to move every muscle in your body. With an updated and old-school sound, this one deservedly earns being labeled as a double “A” side and will be smashing up dance floors for the next few years.

Optiv and CZA bring the heat on SGN:LTD and we can’t wait to hear what other productions these two might be sitting on.

Be sure to grab this incredible release on the 11th of March!

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