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Jaydan | Journeys EP |

Jump-Up heavyweight Jaydan returns with the massive Journeys EP on Playaz Recordings. Straying away from the usual definition of “jump-up,” Jaydan showcases his broad spectrum and ability to rock dancefloors in both minimal and maximal style.

Starting off the journey with “Thrillseekers,” euphoric synths and bubbling pads accompany a strong female vocal telling you to dance all night before Jaydan’s notorious dark and dirty style gives way for the “Thrillseekers.” Crisp, towering snares engage interchanging and distorted bass screeches/wobbles that are fat, heavy, and swinging. “Thrillseekers” is a body moving banger of an intro to the Journeys EP and sets the tone for a naughty Annix (Konichi & Decimal Bass) remix of “Driller Killer” that follows.

Taking no time to get straight to business, Annix increases your heart rate with their remix of “Driller Killer.” The menacing and ringing-esque melody from the original races alongside Annix’s distorted back fills, entrancing hats, and slapping snares. Having drawn the attention of the “Driller Killer,” an absolute stomper of a bassline escapes its way through the speakers; slapping everything within earshot. As the bassline stomps, stabs, and slaps its way forward, distorted and crisp snares keep things jumpy while the racing melody and heavy, distorted bass keeps you hooked. Annix have again demonstrated their ability to crank out some of the most twisted yet catchy bassline’s and their remix of the “Driller Killer” is a murderous standout among the Journeys EP.

The following track “1952” is a fresh and unexpected track from Jaydan, utilizing a double bass, piano keys, and snaps to throw you in to a smoky jazz club of the early 1900’s at the speed of 175 beats per minute. Soothing and slow-pulling strings accompany swing inducing hats, rolling and underlying fills, and a “1,2,3..hit it!” sample that cues the bassline much like a jazz trio beginning their set. The warm yet heavy and hypnotic bassline of “1952” makes you tap your feet while slowly making its way through the rest of your body in tandem with the rest of the dancefloor. “1952” is a fresh take on what is considered “jump-up” and showcases Jaydan’s diversity to combine the usual framework of drum and bass with unusual elements.

Next up Jaydan and Decimal Bass collaborate on the aptly named “Menace.” Demanding you feel the force of their power, Jaydan and Decimal bass hammer out a seriously warped and heavyweight belter loaded with double time breaks, dizzying bass modulation, and crisp, transformative percussion that keeps things flowing. “Menace” is a straight-to-the-point lasher and no amount of space is wasted in this stripped back and raw collaboration.

Showcasing his unique style and disregard for being pigeon-holed again, Jaydan offers a slice of liquid funk with “Lonely Days.” Immersing you in a cold and dark atmosphere with soft piano keys, racing hats, and a cool vocal; “Lonely Days” unrolls into a liquid infused banger that doesn’t skimp on any bass heaviness in trade for emotional content. As much as you can get down to “Lonely Days” in a club, it’s also thought-provoking and can fit in with your late night playlist alongside Alix Perez, Calibre, and etc. “Lonely Days” remains interesting as it progresses with its warm yet roaring bassline, clashing percussion, soothing risers, and distinctively heavy kicks. Jaydan produced a unique and ear-pleasing roller that can even act as an introductory tune for those that are new to drum and bass. “Lonely Days” contains all the great elements of drum and bass and Jaydan balances them perfectly.

Closing out the Journeys EP is “Late Night Drive,” a minimal and bass heavy stomper that’s reminiscent of Hazard’s “Proteus” and Tyke’s “Buzzards.” Stone-cold and heavy bass stabs/wobbles add to the ominous effect of “Late Night Drive,” while hammering drums and entrancing hi-hats steal your attention; creating a tunneling effect. “Late Night Drive” is another simple and effective demonstration of Jaydan’s unique production ability and range. “Late Night Drive” simply and smoothly wraps up the Journeys EP without sacrificing any of the heavy bass that’s so prominent throughout the rest of the EP.

Overall, Jaydan’s Journeys EP is a unique and refreshing release that showcases the broad definition of “jump-up” and Jaydan’s ability. Be sure to support Jaydan by purchasing the Journeys EP and check out his massive forthcoming single below!


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