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Gridlok | Prolix | Membrane | Babylon

Back with a vengeance, good friends Gridlok & Prolix (or what I’ve personally dubbed as “Grolix”) team up to release two bangers on RAM Records that have already earned the highest amount of regard from even the most jaded & stuck-in-the-past of headz. Membrane/Babylon scrapes remnants from the darker past of the RAM catalogue and utilizes elements that formed the foundation of a sound so many fell in love with. Simplistic, yet lethally effective drum and bass that hits hard and heavy sums up this release pretty good.

Starting off with Membrane, metallic taps and ominous-outer worldly off-beat stabs form a head nodding lead that takes you deep within Gridlok & Prolix’s dark, angry world. Wasting no time either, the skeletal synth-lead nabs your attention only to pause for a moment of breath (take a deep one) before unleashing what should be considered an illegal amount of bass. Steamrolling drums, screeching bass full of angered grunts and growls, and that stone cold synth-lead dance down your spine in tandem with swinging and climbing hats to take command of your limbs.

A breakdown is non-existent within Membrane as the synths dissipate while the fat lows, grooving highs, and hard snares continue to probe through your body. Membrane is a dark and groovingly-addictive track with so little yet so much going on. Its clever use of off-beat percussive one-shots and transformative bassline’s cleanly boomerang their way out your speakers and nod to what was considered the golden years of RAM.

Being no strangers to what works best within their own styles; Grilok & Prolix’s collaboration is a fresh, simplistic, and futuristic release that encompasses the original sound and direction of the world’s biggest drum and bass label during a time when many debate the quality and direction of it. Membrane removes any doubts one could have of RAM while demonstrating why Grilok & Prolix are veterans regarded by so many.

The flipside Babylon is another lethal infusion of RAM’s past with the production tools of today. Gridlok & Prolix create a rave lasher with distorted low-ends that scream from the deepest and darkest depths of RAM’s past. The raw and addictive basslines of Moving Fusion come to mind along with the clever, clean, and heavy percussion of DJ Fresh while remaining distinctly Gridlok & Prolix. Babylon is pure aggression and as the name entails, it’s a combination that again captures and reinvents a style that influenced many and as a result remains so highly regarded.

Energizing, warping, and classic sounding synths blend with rolling percussion and stomping kicks that homogenize in to rocket fuel; sending you to drum and bass Babylon. Tripping snares, peaking lows and hi’s, and those simple yet rave inducing synth stabs flange and climb their way upwards while keeping you grounded with a lashingly heavy yet simple bassline. Babylon is another prime example of how less can be used to create more as Grilok & Prolix’s styles fuse together perfectly to create a sound that appears from the past yet is fit for the present.

Membrane/Babylon is an immense release and it’s nice to see Gridlok & Prolix receiving such a large amount of success over a 12 inch release after having witnessed Gridlok endue a tough start to the new year. Safe to say Membrane/Babylon will be smashing dance-floors for years to come and undoubtedly will be a choice selection among DJ’s all summer. So, show some support for this package of bangers by purchasing and be sure to show some love for Gridlok & Prolix via their social networks.

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