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Dimension | All I Need | Basilica |

As if there weren’t enough young producers pumping out quality tunes out at the moment, Dimension is another producer you can add to the list. After two strong releases on CYN Music that received heavy rotation in the clubs, on the radio, (and more importantly in Andy C’s sets), the promising London based producer returns with another addictive release.

The lead track “All I Need” is nothing short of what it’s named. Dimension satisfies your senses instantly with energizing kicks and head-nodding hi-hats that lead way to Bailey Tzuke’s lovely voice. Soft whispers evolve into a euphoric top-line that demand hands in-the-air and bodies out of their endoskeleton. A lush crash of white noise initiates an addictive synth lead that nabs the attention of all (much like the legendary Sub Focus.)

One tell-tale sign of a great track is when you find yourself singing the vocals or humming the lead-line along without even realizing it; “All I Need” is one of those songs.

As the intro builds with crisp and tapping snares and as the vocal continues to elevate your dopamine and serotonin levels, a fat bassline rolls out with cracking drums and the addictive synth-lead from the intro. Underlying bass-guitar triplets move in conjunction with the kicks to give the half-time bassline a funk that simply and effectively differentiates itself from the standard half-time dnb bassline. Dimension notably went for a more melodic and stripped-back offering of his previous singles that were more dancefloor heavy and does so successfully with “All I Need.” Surely there will be those that classify “All I Need” as “waste” or being “commercial” thanks to the vocal and melody, but Dimension’s versatility allows him to please the headz with “Basilica” on the flipside whilst potentially popping into the Radio 1 charts with “All I Need.”

The Original Mix of “All I Need” continues with a full-time bassline on the second drop which is extended for a full four minutes on the Club Mix. For those that favour a vocal-less version in favour of mixing purposes or for those that just have a pure hatred for vocals (for whatever reason), the release also offers up an instrumental version.

This brings us to the Karma remix. Reminiscent of when I first heard of Mefjus through his remix of Camo & Krooked, the same happened with Karma and his remix of “All I Need.” Upon listening to it for the first time I felt an even greater appreciation for the genre I love and was taken aback by something so uniquely fresh and vibin’ from someone I had never heard of. The original version of “All I Need” is damn good, but the Karma’s remix is just astounding.

Favouring lush and reverberated strings that open up the gates to the heaven that is Bailey Tzuke’s voice, Karma flips the original and takes on a liquid approach that maintains a high amount of energy and euphoria while being even more laidback and lush than the original. Karma beautifully re-works the original with heart-pulling strings, dancing synths, and an oscillating bassline that’s warm to the ear. Reverberated bass stabs add to the emotional impact of the vocals that build up to a tingling drop full of filtered drum-fills that transform throughout the track wonderfully. With his remix of “All I Need,” Karma strikes a unique balance between liquid-roller/jungle-riddim that ends up in you replaying this track endlessly upon first listen. Karma has nabbed our full attention with his remix of “All I Need” and we’re very excited to hear his forthcoming single on CYN Music.

Rounding out the release is the darker, deeper, and weightier vibes of “Basilica.” What was originally inspired from the construction and acoustics of Basilica’s, (large, old-age churches throughout Europe) Dimension offers up something for those that like a heavier bassline and a catchy lead, but with less emotive elements.

“Basilica” opens with soft, yet slightly sinister synths that expand in depth and detail as the track progresses (much like when you enter into the main hall of a cathedral, taking in the detailed paintings and high ceilings above you.) Grabbing your attention with those addictive synths that he so cleverly produces, Dimension takes a stripped back approach and lets the synths dance in anticipation of a grinding drop that does damage to even the most educated and stand-still of crowds.

“Basilica” is simple in its elements, utilizing a simple vocal sample to add a bit of euphoria and depth in contrast to the darker synths that move overtop punching snares, climbing hi-hats, and underlying shakers.“Basilica” was clearly intended for the dancefloor and does the damage as so. It’s not necessarily a highlight of his production, but “Basilica” is a demonstrative slice of Dimension’s ability to be versatile.

Overall, “All I Need/Basilica” is a great release and offers up something for everyone. Whether you like the emotionally-impactful half-time vibes of “All I Need” or the tunneling and dizzying synths of “Basilica,” either way there’s something here for you to dance to.

For those that like their collectors’ items and merchandise, “All I Need/Basilica” is available as a limited edition package including:

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Dimension | All I Need | Basilica |

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