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Cyantific | Your Love | Hold Back |

Always one to put out quality releases that receive heavy rotation among many in the genre, Cyantific returns with his latest offering of dancefloor bangers on CYN Music; catering to both those that like it feel-good and to those that like it raw.

With cool, 80’s synth’s taking you to the sun-kissed streets of Miami; Cyantific provides smooth, warm, and sensational vibes on the lead single “Your Love.” Whether that be a love for being inside sweaty clubs and not giving a damn, a love for the one that got away, or a love for good weather, good people, and good vibes; “Your Love” covers all the bases. A catchy and dizzying synth-lead captivates your attention before the pitched up talkbox vocal of “Your Love” floods you with memories in Cyantific’s usual bassline-heavy and dance-inducing flair.

“Your Love” releases that captivating feeling through a warm, distorted, and smoothly-modulated bassline that’s laced with punch-heavy snares and weighty kick-drums. The synth-lead unravels around the bassline as the vocal changes from “Your Love” to “what I need;” providing a euphoric sensation accompanied by a buzzing bassline and salacious synth stabs/pads.

One can’t help think of Daft Punk due to the talkbox vocal that rises in pitch as the song progresses, but “Your Love” sounds more influenced from the Parisian stylings of Fred Falke and DJ Mehdi meeting the 80’s stylings of Midnight Star and Indeep. The main synth-lead of “Your Love” dances along to the distinctively crisp and clean breaks of Cyantific himself; creating a blast to the past that’s unique, fresh, and addictive (much like a certain illegal substance introduced at that time.)

On the flipside, our sunny Miami adventure comes to a sudden halt due to our entry into the more ViRAM inspired vibes of “Hold Back.” “Hold Back” immerses you in a completely opposing world of the lead single and trades happier, new-wave vibes for a rawer, stripped back, and more screw-face drawing track.

Arguably a B-Side that’s targeted towards those that are fans of the simple and effective basslines of the 90’s that were engrained in the skulls of many, “Hold Back” utilizes ominous, space-hopping synth’s and a gnarly bass stab that cues an impressively clean yet distorted build-up of cutting snares, rolling hi-hats, and growling kicks. Building up to a slick pre-drop sample indicating he can’t “Hold Back,” Cyantific lets out an absolutely sick bassline that growls up and down in pitch while sensory-distracting percussion, energy-raising rave horns, and trigger-finger matching gunshot samples combine; sending dancefloor’s into a frenzy.

The title “Hold Back” is quite apt for this tune considering every time it’s dropped it’s near impossible to contain the urge to have a skank about and nod your head as if you were in room 1 at Fabric. As “Hold Back” progresses, the Virus inspired warped synths move underneath the RAM inspired bassline along with minimal, clever, and dissipating synth stabs that leave you unsure of where these elements will take you. “Hold Back” is simple yet lethal, and is productive in its ability to suck you into the entire four minutes of the track with its unique percussion, constantly changing bassline, and overall elevation of what the term “dancefloor banger” means.

In addition to these two superb tracks, you can also grab the special edition release of “Your Love/Hold Back” that includes:

*A Signed 12″ of ‘Your Love’ b/w ‘Hold Back’
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Cyantific | Your Love | Hold Back |

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