Review: BTK – Try ft. Sam Willis/Bandits ft. Mindscape

BTK | Mindscape | Try | Bandits

I’ve said it many a time this year and I’ll say it again…BTK is untouchable. There hasn’t been a single month in 2013 that BTK hasn’t released quality music for fans of neurofunk and the deeper; rolling-techy vibe. He’s a force to be reckoned with this year; be it on a solo track or on any of his collaboration’s with his good friend Optiv.

His latest output on V Recordings is no different, and although BTK is largely known for his collaborations with Optiv (Dirty Tricks LP still gets regular plays from me), his solo work is always fire. “Try” is a moody A-side that has BTK’s signature rolling vibe, hypnotic synths, and the soothing vocals of Sam Willis. As for the flipside, BTK teams up with Mindscape to bring us the more upbeat and alien-esque “Bandits”; a Brazilian & Hungarian neurofunk blend that showcases both producers best.

As mentioned before, BTK’s solo work is nothing short of amazing and his productions make most bedroom producers want to quit altogether. The A-side is the deep and moody “Try” that begins to build with pulsating synths and pads that set the mood of the track while BTK progressively layers on the hats and snares. The drum work on “Try” is fantastic; utilizing off beat bongos and woodblocks to keep proper rhythm in tandem with the rolling bassline.

BTK has a habit of using simple vocal queues in his productions, never cheesy or overbearing and always tasteful in execution. Sam Willis’ vocal lead builds up to the drop and a roaring bassline unloads as you exhale your last bit of effort after having tried all that you could. That is the main focus of “Try.” Weighty and moving, the bass flows through your body and soul while demanding movement on the dancefloor. Just “Try” and not to be moved by this one.

2013 has not only been a great year for BTK, but has also been a great year for collaboration projects in neurofunk specifically. Be it Mefjus & InsideInfo on Mythos, Enei with Emperor on Liberation, or Gridlok and Prolix collaborating on an entire album (and for RAM no less), there’s no shortage of collaboration projects that can move the biggest of crowds. Add to that BTK and Mindscape’s “Bandits,” and we have a list that’s equal in domination to the 1992 USA Olympic Dream Team.

“Bandits” is no sleeper, coming in immediately with Mindscape’s signature spaceship twinkles and alien soundscapes. Throwing in a reggae vocal sample, the intro has a very old-school dub meets space-exploration feel to it. The beat bounces in quickly with bass stabs that capture the classic old-school rave vibe while Mindscape’s alienated synths bridge the gap between dub’s past and present. The vocal sample gets the dubby treatment of being warped around for the drop, panning from side to side; seemingly orbiting in your head.

The bassline of “Bandits” flows with upfront and electric piano synths; chugging along the while the drums build in intensity and flavour as the song progresses. Mindscape’s tendency to put a sci-fi flavour on everything he touches works exceptionally well with BTK’s more moody and techy vibe. “Bandits” is a big release from BTK and Mindscape and there’s more from the two in the pipeline to be release later this year, so be sure to follow these two via their social networks found below.

In conclusion, it would be a disservice to not pick up a copy of “Try/Bandits,” so encourage more collaboration’s from these two by grabbing this massive release.

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Words By: Norwegian (Kyle Hall)

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