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Following the release of his very successful Bag of Bones EP on Blackout Music, Audio returns with another banging release in promotion of his forthcoming Force of Nature LP on Virus Recordings.

“Peep Show Remix/Headroom VIP” are two tunes that are widely recognizable after the rotation they received this summer across clubs and festivals, sending dancefloors into frenzies and demanding reloads. The buzz around this release has been nothing short of large, and if you somehow managed to not hear either of these tunes, then sit yourself down and prepare to be amazed.

Remixing the classic C4C tune “Peep Show,” Audio opens with ominous and bubbling pads that create a false sense of comfort. As the pads dissipate, the zig-zagging synth-lead of the original takes focus and plays with your senses while fat kicks and cymbal crashes create an immense amount of tension; building a presence of something even larger and even more ominous. Upon the drop of “Peep Show”…all hell breaks loose.

A wonderfully heavy bassline stabs its way forward in tandem with the synth-lead, a jabbing snare, and tingling hi-hats. Following sixteen bars of the re-worked original bassline, Audio uniquely turns the synth sound into a croaking one; resulting in a lethal combination of the new melody and the fattened up original bassline. Risers, frantic drums, and the continuously zig-zagging synths create a serious amount of chaos, but if there’s anyone that can contain that chaos…it’s Audio.

Overall, Audio’s remix of “Peep Show” is as lethal as drum and bass gets. This remix is a pure dancefloor destroyer and will surely sit atop the charts comfortably.

On the flipside is the VIP of Audio’s standout track from his Soulmagnet LP; “Headroom.” “Headroom VIP” opens with the same Liam Neeson sample from the original, building in anticipation as we wait for the war to end and for those racing drums to kick in. Once triggered, the anthemic “eh’s” and Audio’s rolling drums combine to create a transformative and warped approach of kicking your teeth in vs. the recycling LFO of the original.

The thick and weighty snares from the original are present, along with the racing hi-hats, and the bassline stabs/filtered pitch-bends, but re-worked in a way that only Audio could make happen. The bassline beautifully moves in every direction, switching between bass-stabs and kicks along with the addictive “eh’s” to create a monstrous bassline that struggles to contain itself within its impressively compressed boundaries (hence the name Headroom.)

The second drop favours a half-time approach, with the drums taking the lead alongside the addictive pads that progress back into the full-time original bassline. In short, “Headroom VIP” isn’t exactly demonstrative of Audio’s growth as a producer, but it is a lethal second offering of a track that will only continue to destroy dancefloor’s around the globe.

Overall, Audio continuously impresses not only us, but the drum and bass community as an entirety. Albeit impressive, both tracks are just files in Audio’s rapidly growing back catalogue that’s about to grow even larger with the release of his LP in November of this year. Check out previews of his Force of Nature LP below, and be sure to show your support for Audio by purchasing this release and by following his social networks!


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