Review: Artifice – Blacklight/Airlock

Artifice | Blacklight | Airlock

Solidifying himself as one of Toronto’s must-watch producers, Inner City Dance’s Artifice (or known to some as Champion Handsome) presents us with two chilling and lethal productions that have already received support from the likes of DJ Hype, Friction, Crissy Criss, Marcus Visionary, and more.

Opening with fat kick drums, menacing synths, and a drum break that you can’t help but not your head to, “Blacklight” is a stone cold killer fit for any dance. With smooth and clean production giving it a cold, polished, and metallic feel, Artifice cleverly switches between a rolling and stepping bassline while using stabbing synths, jumping snares, and racing hi-hats to keep things eerie and energetic. Keeping things even more clever, Artifice uses unusual samples like distorted and reverbed door slams along with the occasional scream to toy with your senses and induce fear as the song progresses. “Blacklight” isn’t the usual dance floor banger, but with a fat and smooth bassline, skanktastic drums, and a clever use of samples, “Blacklight” has cemented itself a permanent place in my CD wallet and surely will do the same in your CD wallet, phone, or MP3 player.

Increasing the temperature and keeping the beats stainless yet again, the flipside “Airlock” is just as impressive. Demonstrating Artifice’s intelligent and effective production style, “Airlock” utilizes tight and fat drums along with jumping hi-hats and a growling bassline to keep the dance floor moving. Where “Arilock” distinguishes itself though is through Artifice’s use of a beautiful yet tension building Spanish guitar that wraps around the aggravating bassline. Cleverly using samples to immerse the listener in his world yet again, this time Artifice places you in what feels like the heart of a Moroccan bazaar. Coughs, darting drum fills, and quick risers intensify the atmosphere and make you feel as if you’re being followed by someone in the shadows. Much like “Blacklight,” “Airlock” is effective, lethal, and clean. It’s a prime choice for DJ’s yet appealing to the everyday listener through immersive atmospherics and clever samples.

“Blacklight/Airlock” are definitions of Artifice’s name, his clever and cold production are reminiscent of the more progressive layered sound yet updated and polished with the technology of today. Artifice has excited our ears and we look forward to what he has lined up for the remainder of the year. Also, when he’s not taming an impeccable beard or invading Facebook feeds with phallic designs in Minecraft, Artifice also enjoys running a weekly (and quite good) podcast called the Artifical Selection that you can catch every Sunday between 8-9 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on the

On top of all that, Mr. Champion Handsome also found time to kill the ladies with a pretty good and rather cheeky bootleg of Taylor Swift that you can grab for free below!

“Blacklight/Airlock” is available for purchase March 25th

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