Preview: Optiv & BTK – Drop The Funk EP

Optiv & BTK

Entering 2013 with no subtlety, Optiv & BTK keep things rolling with their “Drop The Funk” EP on Playaz and you can bet this one is a handful of fresh picked bangers. Not slowing down since last year and the release of their successful “Dirty Tricks” LP on Virus, Optiv & BTK fuse together the techy, funky, and hard rolling vibes of neurofunk with the rising drums and bouncy, speaker rim smacking basslines of jump-up. Without taking away from the production of the boys, we imagine this is what the melting pot of DJ Hazard, Ed Rush & Optical, Original Sin, and The Upbeats would sound like. Exploding dance floors yet keeping things interesting for the everyday iPod listener, Optiv & BTK have put out four absolute bangers that are sure to be rinsed by many throughout the remainder of the year.

Forthcoming February 25th, check out the “Drop The Funk” EP from Optiv & BTK below

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